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Florida Foreign

Language Association

Get Connected!


  • Attend our annual conference to get great ideas, helpful resources and make teacher friends!
  • Join your Regional Facebook page (See the Get Connected tab)
  • Email your Region Leader for what is going on in your area AND to share what cool things you are doing!
  • Keep up with our latest posts on our Social Media tab (See the Get Connected tab) for Facebook & Twitter all at once!
  • Follow Florida Foreign Languages on Facebook @ Florida Foreign Languages Association
  • Follow FFLA on Twitter @FFLA, Inc.
  • Meet up with your local regional teachers!
  • Attend your Regional Leader's Professional Development events


  • Make lifelong friends
  • Get excellent ideas and helpful resources
  • You get to show off your skills and help others
  • Bond over shared experiences
  • Demonstrate on world stage via Twitter & Facebook all your fun activities
  • Practice your language skills with peers who share your enthusiasm
  • Learn a new language by attending a different Target Language workshop
  • Networking, networking, networking!
  • Feel rejuvenated and ready to apply new tricks after a great workshop/webinar
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